Previous Speakers

Previous speakers at our monthly meeting;

February 2020

Will Joyce - Interactive and Active Galaxies

January 2020

Dr. David Bacon - Unveiling the Dark Universe

November 2019

David Whitehouse - Apollo 11: The Inside Story

October 2019

Melanie Davies - Titan: A Candidate For Evolution

September 2019

Peter Fishenden - The Development of the Telescope

July 2019

Lillian Hobbs - Eise Eisinga, the planetarium in the Bedroom

June 2019

John Davies (Society Chairman) - Solar Observing

May 2019

Roy Easto (Croydon Astronomical Society) - Colliding Neutron Stars

April 2019

Prof. Alan Aylward - Arorae on earth & other planets

March 2019

Graham Bryant (Hampshire Astronomical Group) - Sun, Sea & Smoke

February 2019

Tony Roberts (Chairman Croydon Astronomical Society) - Astronomical Oddities, Strange Observations, Strange Mistakes & Strange Astronomers

January 2019

James Fradgely (Wessex Astronomical Society) - Life in the Universe

September 2018

Melanie Davies FRAS - The Pleiades

August 2018

Stephen Tonkin FRAS - Ten Ways The Universe Tries To Kill You!

July 2018

Peter Fishenden (Society Members) - Solar and Lunar Eclipses.

June 2018

Will Joyce (Society President) - A whistle stop tour of the universe.

May 2018

Graham Bryant (Hampshire Astronomical Group) - A guide to Astro Photography.

April 2018

Dr Iocopo Vivarelli - Discoveries at the Large Hadron Collider.

March 2018

Prof. Carl Murray - The Cassini mission to Saturn: The end of an era.

February 2018

Dr David Bacon - Probing the dark universe with next generation telescopes.

January 2018

Dr Lilian Hobbs - The armchair Messier Marathon

October 2017

Dr Lilian Hobbs - An Astronomers "Wish You Were Here"

September 2017

Prof. Louise Harra (Mullard Space Science Laboratory) - Solar Observing

August 2017

Peter Fishenden (Society Member) - 50 Years of Moon Missions.
John Davies (Society Member - Sunspots: Why do they shine so darkly?

July 2017

James Fradgley (Wessex Astronomical Society) - A trio of talks.

June 2017

Oliver Price (Mullard Space Science Laboratory) - The Rosetta Mission.

May 2017

Keith Brackenborough (Eastbourne Astronomical Society) - The Royal Greenwich Observatory Herstmonceux: Its Rise & Fall.

April 2017

Alan Drummond (Croydon Astronomical Society) - Helium.

March 2017

Peter Fishenden (Society Member) - The Space Telescope.

February 2017

Roy Easto (Croydon Astronomical Society) - The Cassini Mission.

January 2017

Will Joyce (Society President) - A whistle stop tour of the solar system.

December 2016

George Hurrion (Society Member) - Atmospheric Optics.

November 2016

Graham Bryant - The Northern Lights.

October 2016

Anne Moore (Society Member) - The Jantar Mantar Observatory.

September 2016

Dr David Whitehouse - A New Way Of Seeing.

August 2016

Jerry Day (society member) - Astronomical symbols on ancient coins.

July 2016

James Fradgley (Wessex Astronomical Society) - Discs around stars and in galaxies

June 2016

Peter Fishenden (society member) - Venus, the goddess of love.

May 2016

Tom Melvin - Galaxy Zoo

April 2016

Peter Fishenden - The Transit of Mercury

March 2016

Roy Easto (Croydon Astronomical Society) - The Genesis of the Moon

February 2016

Will Joyce (formerly at Herstmonceux) - The Astronomy of the Moon

January 2016

Dr Robert Smith (Society President) - Supernovae
Society AGM

December 2015

Peter Fishenden (Member) - Hubble and Beyond - Part 2
Christmas Party

November 2015

Dr David Whitehouse - His new book 'The Rainbow and Astronomy'

October 2015

Peter Fishenden (Member) - Hubble and Beyond
8pm Jerry Workman BSc, FRAS - Mars Rover

September 2015

Bob Turner - Black Holes

August 2015

Alan Drummond (Crawley Astronomical Society) - Globular Clusters

July 2015

James Fradgley (Wessex Astronomical Society) - Impacts on Earth - Large and Small

June 2015

Peter Fishenden (Member) - Brother Bernardin's Astronomical Clock

May 2015

Bob Turner - George Ellery Hale

April 2015

Kim Birkett PhD (Mullard SSL) - Update on the Rosetta Mission

March 2015

Ann Moore (Member) - Lady Astronomers
Mike Feist (Member) - Comet Observing

February 2015

Roy Easto (Croydon Astronomical Society) - Past and Future Space Missions

January 2015

AGM and Professor Robert Smith (FTA President) - The Changing Face of the Sun

December 2014

Members Contributions and "Christmas Goodies"

November 2014

Dr David Whitehouse - His new book 'Journey to the Centre of the Earth'

October 2014

John Skelton (Member) - The Solar System

September 2014

Guy Hurst (Editor of The Astronomer magazine) - Comets: Ancient and Modern

August 2014

Jerry Workman BSc, FRAS - Mars Rover

July 2014

Dr Christopher Arridge (Mullard SSL) - The Plumes of Enceladus

June 2014

James Fradgley (Wessex Astronomical Society) - Calendars, Cultures and Clocks

May 2014

Dr Robin Gorman (Guildford Astronomical Society) - Our Vital Moon

April 2014

Doug Bateman - The Restoration of the Time Ball at Greenwich

March 2014

Kim Birkett PhD (Mullard SSL) - An update on Comet ISON

February 2014

Bob Turner (Worthing) - Why the Solar System looks the way it does

January 2014

Dr Robert Smith (President) - The History of Constellations

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