Foredown Tower Astronomers are a friendly, social group of amateur astronomers that meet once a month to listen to a guest speaker and then enjoy conversation over light refreshments. If the skies are clear members are asked to bring their telescopes for some observing which guests can also join.

Meetings are held at the The Foredown Tower on the 3rd Thursday of each month. Free parking is available on site.

Guests are welcome to all evenings at a cost of £5 (includes refreshments) and should they then wish to join membership costs £20 per 6 months.

Next Meeting: Interactive and Active Galaxies

Date: 20th February 2020 at 7:30pm

Speaker: William Joyce

Will is a regular speaker at the Foredown Tower Astronomers and it is a pleasure to welcome him back in 2020 for his talk entitled "Interactive and Active Galaxies".

This talk provides an overview of our current understanding of colliding galaxies including a future collision between our Galaxy and the Andromeda Galaxy. Unusual galaxies known as active galaxies will be introduced including what we currently know or think we know about them, and how the unified model of their nuclei can be used to explain different classes of observed active galaxies.


If clear skies are forecast please bring your telescope and there will be some observing after the talk.

Future Meetings

Future meeting & events include;

March 19th 2020

Prof. Iacopo Vivarelli - Dark Matter and the Large Hadron Collider (LHC).

April 16th 2020

Prof. Alan Aylward - Exoplanets.

May 21st 2020

James Fradgley - Bad Science.

July 16th 2020

Graham Bryant - The importance to Humanity of the 1769 Transit of Venus.

September 17th 2020

Lilian Hobbs - The Lunar 100.

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